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Milk fibre or casein-What is this?

drop of milk-fiber-casein

Which Milk fiber is Casein extracted. Casein is a protein by-product of cow's milk, a milk protein that does not get into the whey, but can be processed into cheese, for example.
A property of Casein is the formation of a firmer consistency by fermentation, i.e. by metabolic processes without oxygen supply. This allows the casein to be processed into a fiber, which in turn allows it to connect with other fibers, natural fibers for example. Manufacturers such asWool bodyhave discovered this way of processing natural goods for themselves and thus a new type of fabric, a wool fabric with Milk fiber or Milk silk won for themselves. Milk fiber (Casein) 100% ecological-the new SILK.

Where does casein / milk fiber come from?

The use of Casein is primarily known in the food industry. But comesCaseinalso as a binder in the pharmaceutical industry or in the Form of Milk fiber used in the textile industry, especially for children's clothing. Which Milk fiber is associated with other natural textiles. With a Swaddling body for
Newborns, for example, will Milk fiber combined with pure merino wool and silk to provide the highest possible wearing comfort and highlight the positive product properties of the ecologically valuable and sustainable materials. But also in clothes for larger children comes the Milk fiber before. In uncomplicated Wool body, Swaddling body, Baby bodysuits of all kinds or Slip-shirt all children in all sizes have the opportunity to enjoy the breathability and the well-tempered warmth. Recycling of cow's milk which cannot be used in the food market.

How is milk fibre or casein processed?

Casein due to its consistency, it can be processed into a fiber that allows it to connect to other fibers.

weaving casein milk fiber

Well-known manufacturers of natural products made of pure new wool and merino wool such as CosilanaWool body, orLilano produce children's clothes to offer the best for children. These natural substances are combined with the additional natural substance Casein processed to qualitatively increase the natural fibers and make the fabric supple like a second skin. Milk fiber is shiny and soft as silk. A perfect matrerial mix is Wool, Cotton and Casein-Milk fiber.

When is it used?

Casein, the milk protein is used as a natural substance especially in children's clothing, which is produced ecologically. If clothing is to become particularly soft and supple, especially if it is to be suitable for newborns, it can be worn with Casein, with Milk fiber be added. Since the Milk fiber as particularly skin-friendly, antiallergenic and completely biodegradable, the application is almost unlimited. Thus, it is just too easy to combine them with wool products, as in Slip-shirts or Changing floorswhich is worn directly on the skin so soft and supple. If they are long-sleeved, they are the appropriate piece of children's clothing for the first days of autumn into spring.
But not only for newborns, infants and young children, but also for the larger and even adults are the advantages of Milk fiber of benefit.

Who recommends the milk fiber?

Not only satisfied mothers, but also midwives recommend natural products that make it possible to bring nature directly into the cradle. All products, the leading manufacturer of natural goods and clothing based on nature for children such as, Cosilana, Wool body, Angel, Reiff, Lilano among other things, are designed to further process the value of natural materials into high-quality products. Which Milk fiber makes the wearing comfort of clothing particularly from such Wool or silk, but also cotton even further increased. Casein leaves the garment silky soft and supple like a second skin. Thus, it is particularly suitable for newborns. You could therefore also Milk silk call.

What are the advantages of adding Milk fiber to natural fiber?

Casein causes that natural materials with which it is connected become silky soft and increases the wearing comfort. Nevertheless, the positive properties of Woolwhich comes from controlled biological animal husbandry or also cotton, which comes from certified organic cultivation, completely preserved. The pure new wool remains thus despite the addition of Casein anti-allergen, breathable fabric, heat-giving, temperature compensating, conformable and Of course easy-carebecause she is actually self-cleaning. This makes it a completely ecological product that does without chemical additives and burdensome procedures.

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