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Company Woolbody is a young family business that sells Kids clothes especially for Babys and Children up to twelve years. In addition to the classic Bodys or Wrap Body you will also find BonnetsLeggings and Romper from Wool and Silk partly in connection with Cotton. In addition, Woolbody also Blankets made of cuddly Fleece / Woolfleece.
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The special feature lies in the natural materials, which are gentle on the skin and promise sustainability. The majority of Wool, strictly speaking from Sheep's wool and Silk manufactured garments are breathable and warming at the same time. In contrast to conventional textiles, this makes the sensitive children's skin sweat less. The antiallergenic and non-toxic products are particularly skin-friendly. The fabrics have a high longevity. The predominantly IVN-certified goods (International Association of Natural Textile Industry) are produced exclusively in Europe by responsible manufacturers such as Cosilana or Lilano. The basis of all materials is the production from ecological high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials.

A world first – textiles from Milk silk as a replacement for traditional Silk

A new resource for the extraction of material results from Milk silk, also Milk fiber and is made up of Casein following location. This milk protein is a by-product of cow's milk. The natural fermentation process leads to the formation of a solid consistency. So there is the possibility of Casein to process into a fiber. This is important to you, instead of conventional Silk, with other fibres, for example from WoolVirgin wool to be able to link together. The designation Milk silk this raw material owes its silky-shiny appearance, similar to the conventional Silk the silkworm. The processing by Woolbody of Casein to clothing for Children represents a world first and should be in demand more than ever in the future. The demand for natural and environmentally friendly products is already high.

The Interplay of ecological Milk fibers with Wool and cotton

This different kind of Silk offers – like the new wool-a high wearing comfort: it is breathable and warms, without the Baby or Child to make you sweat. The temperature-balancing effect of the Woolwhether as a Wool fleece or Wollwalk processed, the body heat keeps in natural balance: the body is kept from cooling down, excess heat is released to the outside.Virgin wool stores water and absorbs air, which prevents sweating. In addition, the sweat is chemically bound and neutralized. The natural self-cleaning process makes frequent washing of Wool unnecessary. Since the fabric releases the odors into the air, airing the clothes is sufficient. Washing is therefore only required in case of stains, which should save the parents work (and water costs), protect the garment and please the environment one time and again. The connection of Wool and Milk fiber makes the finished fabric particularly soft and supple at the end. The wearing comfort is strengthened in the positive, because Milk fiberin combination with other natural products such as Virgin wool or Cotton leads to an optimal quality result. What especially the skin and the well-being of Baby will enjoy. Since just BodysRomperLeggings or Pajamas coming into direct contact with the skin, a good and safe quality of clothing is important. As the largest organ in the human body, the skin absorbs pollutants, which – especially if this happens from a young age – can have long-term health consequences. This makes it all the more crucial to Child to offer the best from the very beginning. If you do something good for the environment at the same time, you also have the livelihood of your Child secure. And the production from Milk fibers there is another advantage: cow's milk, which cannot be used on the food market, does not have to be lost, but can be used for the production of this milk protein. This ensures that no valuable substances are wasted.

Behind the scenes of Woolbody

Behind the concept of a sibling trio from Berlin, and the enthusiasm for natural materials such as Wool or Virgin wool and Silk. The idea arose from their own need: all of them family fathers, they missed a satisfactory offer of Kids clothing from Sheep's wool. And so they set themselves to work. First on the products 

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of Cosilana and Lilano limited, the range has been constantly optimized and now includes numerous Romper, Leggings and Shirts of the well-known Manufacturer. But now also BodysLeggings and Bonnets from own production. They have remained true to the idea of Child Clothing from WoolSilk and Organic cotton and recently also from Casein offer. The result is a ecological Family business with several employees, all of whom are present from the bottom of their hearts. The child's well-being is the first priority here. Closely followed by ecological manufactured goods and the fight against superfluous consumption. The latter you support with the TAKE & PASS system, through which used children's clothing can be passed on.

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