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Lilano - wool and silk for fashion for babies and children

Lilano, fashion in natureParents are very particularly interested in today's infant and children Only the best clothing and accessories to choose. A particularly high quality label is the company Lilano which is the production of high quality textiles Wool KBT, cotton KBA and silk has prescribed. The manufacturer produces a wide variety of textiles for the infant and the childwho are not only beautiful to look at, but also convince through their valuable materials as well as perfect workmanship. So that infant Also in sleep from head to foot is really tempered, the Rompers and Sleeping bags through their special cotton Wool Mix temperature balancing, also soft and cuddly. The clothing is also like the Sleeping bags and the Rompers only with BioColors from green over red to gray colored and have both in university and bitched.

For the Lilano Sleeping bag, the Lilano Rompers and the Lilano Hood As well as other products, the company uses only the best Natural fiber like fine Bio-merino-Wool KBT, Bio-cotton KBA as well as noble silkwhich are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions. For the label, it is also a matter of course, the origin of the Bio Wool or. Wool, silk and cotton to know or to understand the way to the producer. When manufacturing the different models from best Wool KBT / silk Sets the label loving details and embellishments such as small psyches and capping, label patches and much more Overall until Hood Every model to make something unique.
Lilano Fashion infant and child is the best eco-fashion with quality and fashionable whistle, which already make the smallest in trendy fashion. A good example of this is, for example, the cool Hose scarf for children also Loop scarf is called. The processes are processed Natural fibers In a German company based on the Swabian ALP, which has acquired an excellent reputation in recent years and has enjoyed rising popularity since then. By the way, the name consists of the letters of the terms "Liberi" for free children, "Lana" for Wool And "Novus" for fashion together.

Delicate baby skin loves lilano baby clothes made of wool kbb / silk

Thanks to the excellent materials that for the Sleeping bag, the Rompers or that Hood Used, the tender and sensitive skin of baby or child can breathe perfectly. There are neither irritation nor other intolerances of the offspring, which is why the Lilano Wool KBT / silk Especially for the children's skin-propelled children's skin is wonderfully suitable. Gentle Natural fibers Are flattering and lead to a reassurance of the stressed children's skin after a short time. So parents have the opportunity to their infant or child The garments made of best Lilano Wool KBT / silk At the day and at night.
In addition to the extremely skin-friendly properties of the processed Wool in the Baby clothes affects the Wool Climate regulating and leaves Rompers, Sleeping bag or Baby clothes Breathable. Especially in hot summer nights, the Lilano Sleeping bag or the Lilano Pajamas for a relaxed and relaxing sleep of the Child. In cold weather, however, the tight woven fabrics warm and protect Babies Delicate skin accordingly effective in front of cold. With the comfortable cut of the models, which guarantees nothing consolidated, as well as the small cuffs on sleeves and legs, the fashionable garments are the perfect outfit for the start to life.

Chic design: From Lilano Body to the Lilano Romper from head to foot perfectly and trendy dressed

With the trendy garments Size 50 Casing your offspring not only in a particularly gentle and perfectly acceptable Lilano Fashion, but dress them and pronounced him in a contemporary. Already the great colors like light and dark blue, red and bordeaux, green, beige and gray in plain or bitches set in strollers or wear great accents. To do this, the variety of models from Lilano body on the Lilano Rompers until Lilano Overall Always new variants for combining. Whether you like the little one day Lilano Rompers with matching Lilano Hood Tipping or rather a warming Lilano Overall For the movement-active offspring, completely remains the needs of the Child Leave. Especially successful are the different strips and prints that the models from the house Lilano Respon a new, smart appearance again and again. Thus, the garments are like Rompers and body, Overall and Hood Especially suitable for small world discers. For the night is certainly more of the Sleeping bag out Wool and a low or unifarbene Bonnet be the right choice.

Wool and silk wash with the machine

By the way, the magical models of the label are very easy to clean. Wash the little one Lilano body or the Lilano Pajamas Easy with a wool detergent in wool washing and sloping or even better place the small pieces Wool Then on the leash. The widespread faith, one would have to be such Sleeping bags and clothes out Wool For children Washing by hand is a mistake.


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