Wool fleece This is natural wool in very soft – Wollbody®

WoolFleece- a protective case for sensitive children's skin

Baby in wool fleece

The skin of one infant Or a child is much thinner than the adult skin. It therefore reacts sensitive to the different environmental influences. Quality infant- and children's clothing should therefore not only protect against the different weather conditions such as moistures, cold, wind and heat, but also distinguish themselves through a good skin compatibility. Here is suitable Woolenfleece Excellent in bioquality.

High quality Woolenfleece Fit exactly to the special requirements of this age group, because they provide on the skin for a pleasantly cuddly-fluffy feeling of warmth and security. The soft, tensile wool fiber, which called a natural substance called keratin Filled, has excellent heat storage capacity. In addition, this natural fiber has its strong ripple and despite its extremely lightweight weight over a high heat retention capacity. This benefits in particular newborns BabiesAs you know, you have difficulty keeping your body temperature to hold. There is therefore a compliant shell like the Woolenfleecewith his thermoregulant effect that infant Protects before cooling.

Wool has a high absorbency and can absorb a lot of moisture without the fibers feel wet. The human body constantly evaporates water over the skin surface, which can often cause a clammy-humid cold sensation on the skin when wearing artificial fibers. With the wearing of Woolenfleece This inconvenience is avoided. infant And child will feel all about increased activity in their second skin completely. In addition, wool fibers make the water drops simply due to their nature. A natural abbreviation arises, because nature keeps the best inventions for us.

Animal fibers are very similar from construction to human hair and are extremely elastic. This elasticity is important because it makes the textile end product dimensionally stable and prevents creasing. That in the Wool contained wool grease (lanolin) Also used for cosmetic purposes, as it has skin care properties. The so-called curly wool is traditional for the prevention of a high content of Lanolin Diaper dermatitis Used.

Wollfleece from raw materials from controlled biological animal husbandry (K.B.T.)


Woolfleece sheep

As a distribution of infantand children's clothing we attach great importance to the textile for sale Woolenfleece Final products made of biologically generated raw materials are manufactured, because pesticides have lost nothing on children's skin! They are highly harmful to harmful and burden humans and the environment alike. With the purchase of our goods, parents make an effective contribution to the preservation of our environment, in which children can grow up healthy.

Sheep woolfleece

Controlled biological animal husbandry (K.B.T.) is indispensable if we want to revise our experiences respect and gratitude. We therefore distribute Woolenfleece From the manufacturers Angel and Cosilana, which are fully meet our high standards and criteria. The many positive feedback satisfied customers are confirmation and incentive at the same time.

WoolenfleeceHat for Babies

Most of the heat loses that infant Due to its body proportions about the head. A good baby cap made of wool fleece can greatly reduce the heat losses in this area, because the lost energy is needed infant Urgent for its growth and weight gain.

Caps out Woolenfleece Therefore, are the ideal companions for the cold season. The virgin wool used comes from Merino School, which is particularly soft and comes from controlled biological animal husbandry (K.B.T.).

Woolenfleece--Oall for babies

This fluffy baby jumpsuit made of 100% rogue wool is made with animal fibers from controlled biological animal husbandry (K.B.T.) Babies Also warm at cold weather. The woolfleece overall contains natural wool grease (lanolin) and rejects dirt and water. Wollfleece Clothing must therefore not be washed often. A simple trial is sufficient.

Woolenfleece Overall of Cosilana 

Cosilana operates its sustainable and ecological production in Baden-Württemberg. The natural fibers used are GOTS certified. The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guarantees environmental and socially responsible manufacturing. The tree and sheep wool is produced without chemical additives and pesticides. The controls biological cultivation of cotton and the controlled biological animal husbandry of sheep generate raw materials in the highest purity and quality.

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