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Wool silk underwear - there is nothing better for your child

Wool silk yarn

Climate regulating nature fibers protect their infant or her child Before all the falls of the weather. The natural properties of these fibers armes the little ones in an ideal way in all weather conditions effectively against the weather-related influences. Because depending on the composition of the fibers, the dress Warm in winter and helps in summer to protect the body from overheating. Thanks to their breathable Qualities also ensures that moisture can escape outwardly, which contributes to a pleasant body feeling.
Through the Silk scratchWool silk underwear Nothing on the skin. Gentle she caresses the body of her child. Something special are the temperature-balancing capabilities of the Wool And the silk. She always feels comfortable on the skin, looks warm at cold and cooling in heat. Also a share of cotton Makes the Baby clothes Lighter for the summer. For the winter you choose the best garments with a lower or completely without a cotton of cotton, so that the Wool Their heat-sensitive effect can unfold.
A wool silk Cap Baby ensures that you infant Not too much body heat loses over the sensitive head. leggings Wool silk Protecting the legs and the lower body protective. A infant body and a Undershirt child are the basics for healthy and warming Underwear, Climmegulatory nature fibers make them a protective layer that surrounds the body gently and offers chubby heat. We offer everything you infant and you child For a comfortable body feeling needs, in all weather conditions and in every season.

Wool silk baby - climate regulating nature fibers

Wool silk Baby clothes warms and protects you infant. The fit of the Baby clothes is tuned to the child's body and keeps him comfortably tempered by climate regulating nature fibers, no matter which capriols beat the weather. At the same time Wool silk baby laundry The ability to transport moisture to the outside and evaporate, so always a comfortable body climate prevails. Unnecessary sweating is thus prevented. And if on the way, the diaper should fail, remains Wool Nevertheless, pleasantly dry and thus forms a second natural moisture barrier.
Not only for the warmer season we also lead Baby clothes with different additional shares cotton. In the summer is often enough infant Body with short sleeve, in winter one can Long sleeved baby bodysuit and leggings Wool silk be combined, or for something bigger that Undershirt child with a leggings Wool silk. For very cold days we offer that Unterhirt child with turtleneck at. Do not forget the sensitive head with one Wool silk Cap infant to protect. With our Wool silk underwear you can be sure to your child Always have the greatest protection and the best wearing comfort allocated - in any weather.

Wool silk cap baby - especially important for the smallest

Because infantbut as well as the small child, the head in relation to the body is much greater than in adults, the small significantly lose significantly more heat. That's why it's so important to protect the head. The Cap is therefore an indispensable component of the Children's clothing, especially for the little ones.
With a wool silk baby Cap or a corresponding Cap for the child you can be sure that climate regulating Natural fibers Hot the head of your child in a soothing way and protect them. Even the ears, which are also particularly sensitive to the smallest, are by ours Bonnet and Cap Held effectively and pleasantly warm.

Baby clothes made of climate regulating nature fibers is lived environmental protection

Our Natural fibers not only regulate the healthy microclimate on the body of your Childbut simultaneously protect the environment. Because Sheep wool, the threads of Silk spinner and cotton are pure natural Originous. The gentle workmanship receives their natural qualities so they fully in our warming and regulatory properties Garments unfold.

Hands wool silk

Our Wool silk underwear and dress You can also do with a clear conscience to wash, because Wool, silk and cotton Of course, are degradable and thus burden neither rivers nor seas. So they help to get the world of the future as a liveable place - for our children.


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