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Biological wool has advantages: Wolly warmth is good for the skin

fur wool

Woolhas always meant good warmth on our skin. In contrast to the top hair of many mammals, thesoft WoolEspecially from the coat of theSheepWon. This renewed renowned for thousands of years nowraw materialWith great economic importance, a long breeding of the coat of the wild sheep and the formation of the so-calledNonwovenformed and enjoys special features and qualities. By selective sheep farming, the long and coarse hair of the cover layer could eliminate and the softfleecethe underlying underlayer toWool processingbe used.


Wool extraction

stall sheep

AsWoolWell-known fiber is either from sheep (Sheep wool), Cashmere goats (Cashmere wool) Angora;mohair)

Angoraaninchen (Angora) Or from camels and camel-like, such as Yaks, Moschusochsen and Lamas won. The animals are shorn or curled (Wool) or the loose hair is plucked.


Soft well-being properties of the organic merino sheep skating wool KBT

The soft heat-sense properties ofWoolandsilkOffers high quality for millenniaComfortFor big and small. Not only do you enjoy the functional reliability of the textile, but also yoursinfantorchildthe properties of this high quality becomesNatural productHave a positive delight.Organic Merino Schafschurwool KBTProvides next to theComfortNumerous other benefits that are on thequalityof the product. TheWoolForBaby clothesComes from happy sheep, scratches and does not crack and is comfortable. Furthermore, theOrganic Merino Schafschurwool KBT dirt-repellentbreathableandantiallergenic. TheWoolleads to healthyTemperature standardsof the body, causing or overheating it.


Controls biological animal husbandry KBT

Nature wool

Controls biological animal husbandry KBTtakes place according to the guidelines forecological farming. This includes theAnimal Welfarethe animals in harmony with thenatureand the receipt of theenvironmentin a sustainable way. TheControls biological animal husbandry KBTFurthermore, there is no genetically engineered plants to use as food.


Cloudy and flaky

Woolis likesilkA fiber of protein whose low density allows production very light substances. The elasticity of the fiber is one of its most popular properties, which allows the textile not only to preserve the fit, but also nice to fall and do not take despite the repeated use of laundry. The wavy and natural structure of the fiber increases the wool increasingly and includes air with. The tissue receives a loose light andthermal insulatingCharacter.


Natural wearing comfort for you, your baby and child

WoolForBabiesisBio, aNatural productWith incomparable properties:

  • Woolhas natural thermoregulation properties and is thusTemperature standards.

  • Woolen goodsExist from up to 85% of air and are thus thermal insulators. TheWoolSaves body heat.

  • WoolTakes up water vapor and stops water on the surface. The absorption of moisture can be more than 33 percent of the dry weight.

  • Woolisdirt-repellentAnd the elastic fibers in the tissue barely wrinkled.

  • Woolisbreathableandodorless. She picks up little odors and has natural self-cleaning functions. It can tie sweat chemically and neutralize in the air.

  • Woolis especially for thesensitive skinofBabiesandChildrensuitable.

Bio wool is odorless

childrenlove to play.Organic Merino Schafschurwool KBTAllows yoursinfantandchildto feel free and informal. TheantibacterialEffect ofWoolnot onlyantibacterialanddirt-repellentbut alsobreathableandantiallergenic. Compared to the synthetic fiber is theWoolForBabiesStructures and reminiscent of the form of roof tiles for closer inspection. This allows the substance to remain free from bacteria and thus neutralize the smell resulting from bacteria. The amazing self-cleaning function ofBio WoolWorks like a washing machine and thus also protects the environment. IfWoolen suitWool hator the classicWoolenbodyjust have to be placed on the air and theMerinoBuilds the odor-forming bacteria.


Bio wool acts like a non-migrant

AAntiallergenicis a substance that relieves or eliminates allergic reactions. Like a secondskinProtects the natural material ofWoolsensitiveskinand is therefore particularly suitable for the skin-friendly whole body care (Woolen suit infantor partially head-covered (Wool hat infant) especially forInfantorBabies


Merino wool is temperature-regulating

It's about the comfort of the naturalBio Wool fiber, this quickly proves as a true all-rounder both for summer time and in cold winter days. Thetemperature regulatingProperties ofOrganic Merino Schafschurwool KBTCool the skin in summer (Wool trousers infant) and act like thermal insulators in winter (Wool hat infant). The temperature standard is based on two principles: First, the wavy structure closes theWool fiberand their natural crimping air chambers with one and favor optimal thermal insulation. The cooling is based on evaporation heat, since the fiber absorbs moisture and produces fresh evaporation cold. The moisture regulation of theskinremain preserved and feelsdryAnd good.


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