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"The future of our children is in our hands" - from this principle is the family businessCosilana conduct. And because the employees of Cosilana thiskeep in mind, you can get the best possible from your popular products of Bonnet to Shoes out Wool or. Wool, silk orBio-cottonGet out.
Why is that important? Already the artist Hundertwasser was convinced of the "five skins" of the human. The thesis applies to adults, children and Babies: The natural skin, the clothes /Laundry, The house, the social and the global environment. Only those in all areaswellFeels, the prerequisite for a healthy andas far as possiblelive carefree.

Since our natural skin can absorb pollutants, it is all the more important to pay attention to clothes free of materials of such kind. IparticularIf you likebodyleggings Shirts or Bonnet directly on Babies Skin be worn. Offer yourinfant and child This important basis for being
Baby skin Cosilana
Well-being.Exactly toGive them the Baden-Württemberg Cosilana with hisNatural productsproducedLaundry. The assortment includes oneMixof different materials like Wool (also asFleeceprocessed),silk and cotton In bioquality. With these items you can dress your children from head to toe. There are bothUnderwearhowleggings, Bodysuit and Shirt, Whichalsoas Nightwear are suitable asalso Outerwearhow Jackets, Overalls and Pants. Not to forget: Cover, Shoes and Bonnet

Cosilana, how is worked here?

IfBio-cottonmerino-Sheep woolor. Wool or silk - All raw materials are produced sustainable and ecologically.Sokanninfantuntilabouttwelve-year-oldschild Every sprout benefit from the highest quality.

Cosilana produced from wool silk and cotton underwear for children

Not only the products are environmentally friendly from Cosilana Made, the entire processes of manufacture are with theGlobal OrganicTextiledefault (Gots) excellent. The cultivation is as well biological Like animal husbandry - free of chemical additives. Hereevenstillonce morenumberfor sureGone: Environmental laboratories test the processed fabrics of the Laundry, Jackets Overalls Pants and Bonnet regularly on possible residues.
Upcycling is another important keyword for Cosilana: Stuff residues becomeby no meansthrown away. This creates new onesNatural textile, howfor exampleWool carpets.But alsoFairtrade may not be missing in the list of positive blockpoints. And the electricity for traditional production comes from nature. This company says it's serious with you.

Baby and child, the offer of Cosilana

For theirinfantFind at Cosilana ofShock shirtsabove Jackets, Overalls, Pants, Shoes Bonnet andleggingsup to Cover Everything that your new earth citizensoneed.
Especially with little ones Babies If you know how much warmth is lost about the head.Thereforeit is in this timeespeciallyimportant, one Bonnet putting on and the little one not only with Nightwear or abodyand one blanket to wrap.

There areShock shirtswith short and long sleeves for Babies Releases. You can choose from a colorful color palette, whether plain or redded and checkered patterns. At thebodyDo you have the choice betweenStandard bodysand Bodysuit each with short and

Baby wrapped Cosilana

Long sleeves. Both variants become asbodyoffered with and without scratch protection.
AlsoWhat sleeps and outdoor clothing are concerned for children can be found. For the night there is one Pajamas in the comfort Wool terry 100% Wool. As one piece - with and without foot. Pants there is long with and without federal government - the wholealsoWith additional scratch protection on the leg.
Beautiful colors as well as comfortable clothes ensure stromet and play freedom. That proves Cosilana with yourAll-roundertoOverall: Whether with or without hood and scratch protection on arms and legs, it is for eachinfantthe fittingwhile. The Overalls are excellent for the first goals. No disturbing clothes making the tentative steps to the hurdle.
AlsotheOuterwearmust not be missing. There are Jackets With Hood as well as scratch protection in fluffyWool-cotton-FleeceIn the collection.
The materials of the entire assortment are basically from natural fibers. WhetherWool-TerryWool-CottonMix, the connection of Wool and silk or Wool WithBio-cottonand silk - The goods feel comfortably soft and feathered on the skin. Ensures balanced temperature Cosilana with thebodyout Wool and silk. That comes the raging rebauces both while playingalsobenefit in recreation.
For older children, you will find in mainlyUnderwearlike under- and Nightwear or ShirtsButalso Swelter andleggingsare available in the product range. Local can be occasionallyalsoa jacket or one trousers outFleeceFind. Shoes out Wool or Bonnet out silk you will not find in the larger sizes neither nor need.
Whether for children or parents, nice and cuddly are the Coverwho also out Wool worked.
Take a look at the colorful product range of Cosilana And convince yourself of the beneficial quality of the goods.

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