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A Wing Shirt Wool Silk does not give any flights but ...

... the Wing hemp Wool Silk is, as the name suggests, open at the front and can easily be closed and opened with two "wings". It's made up of 70% Schurwool and 30% Silk made. It's wide cut and BabiesThose who do not like to be dressed are therefore quickly clothed. The material shall ensure that the Baby remains properly tempered at any time. Through the combination of Silk and Schurwool it sweats less, because the fabric is moisture-regulating. In order to close the shirt, a loop is tied to the neck.

Wing Shirt Wool Silk, easy to change!

The moisture-regulating fabric is breathable and directs the moisture to the outside. Through the Seidenic share in which Wool Scratches the Wing hemp Wool Silk not on the skin and will be worn. Wool and silk are sustainably and ecologically produced. The Schurwool is derived from controlled biological animal husbandry, the animals being kept in accordance with the species. The natural fibres are low-pollutant and the Wing hemp Wool Silk is manufactured in Germany.

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