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The special characteristics of the wool

Wool clothes is ideal for every season. Vehicle wool has very special skills that are often underestimated. Because the fibers produced without chemical additives ensure good moisture transport. So the wool clothing keeps warm without you sweat and cools without having to freeze.

And still a brilliant property has wanted: she binds odors! Have you already noticed that you do not have to wash wool clothes so often? The particularly high organic reactivity of the wool ensures that odors and pollutants are bound or neutralized. This property is particularly nature-friendly, because you can also just want to hang clothes for triggering instead of putting them into the washing machine.

Even the chained macromolecules make wool robust and tear-resistant, but still provide good freedom of movement. This is especially important in children's clothing, because after all, the little ones want to let off. Through this high elasticity, the life of our woolbodys is very long.

The annual renewable raw material wool is also hazardous to anti-allergence and in no other way health risk. This is because the fibers are not lung. So clothes from wool is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

We love wool!

Is it a wonder that we love this ingenious natural raw material so? All of these wonderful properties have convinced us that wool is the best for children's clothing. Especially the soft merino wool fibers in conjunction with silk make our wollbodys on high quality and at the same time sustainable products.

And that's why we want to offer you the largest selection of high-quality wool articles by Wollbody, while we remain true to our guiding tranquil: good for the child, good for parents, good for the environment!

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