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What parents need to know about baby caps

A complete baby kit includes many parts, including the BabiesYeah. However, it is often misunderstood in its meaning. Her job is not just to warm the baby's head, nor is she just a fashionable accessory. In the end, there is much more at stake.

Consideration of the season

The primary task of a cap is actually to protect the baby from cold. However, to the right extent, i.e. the cap should be optimally adapted to the respective weather conditions. In winter there is no way past a thick head cover, a correspondingly strong insulation layer is very important. Things are different this summer. In this case the cap should be used primarily before cool draught and if necessary. also protect against sunlight. The cap must not be very thick, otherwise the child may overheat. In summary, therefore, choose thick hats in winter, and in summer thin headgear.

Which is why wool hats are an excellent choice

Regardless of the season, it is recommended to place priority on wool baby caps. It means genuine wool, such as Merino wool. Although there are an enormous number of cotton hats on the market, they are not automatically the best choice. Cotton is particularly popular because it is cheap and can also be printed well. On the other hand, it simply does not heat well, which has to do with the material quality. Cotton fibres do not have good insulation properties, which is why it makes sense to opt for wool, especially in winter hats.

In the case of summer hats, it should be thought that thin cotton fabrics again represent a good choice. Generally speaking, such a choice is not so bad, yet wool hats are more than just an alternative. Finally, cotton fabrics tend to bind moisture very well and especially for a long time. If the baby sweats, the clothes remain moist for a long time, which in turn can help to cool the body. Wool substances await with significantly better temperature regulation. Moisture is transported quickly to the outside and also does not stick so much on the skin, which additionally improves wearing comfort.

In summary, it can therefore be said that, in principle, it is advantageous for parents to choose wool in the hats for their offspring. The special characteristics of the material simply speak for themselves and in addition give parents the conscience to always dress their child optimally.

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