This is how you measure your child properly! – Wollbody®

So you measure your child right!

For babies and children, the size of the clothes is determined by the body size. Since children grow quickly, it does not hurt again before a purchase and to determine the current size safely.

For the exact determination of the body size correct measurement is indispensable. Below we explain that you measure you your child correctly.

Measuring body size in children

1. The easiest way to determine the size of the height is to set up with the back of a wall or door frame.

2. Both the heels and the back of the head are on the wall.

3 A rectangular auxiliary (e.g., Geodreieck or Book) is attached to the wall and pushed down until it touches the head. This makes the wall make an exact size mark.

4. The route from the ground to mark results in the height.

Measuring body size at babies

1. Children under two years are best measured.

2. It is helpful if a second person is available to support.

3. The child is flat on the back, legs are stretched and the head is up. The feet point up at right angles.

4. A tape measure is now measured from the bottom of the heel to the head.

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